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Signs She Is Into You

Signs-She-Is-Into-You-1Do you ever wonder whether a girl is into you or not? Let’s face it; Woman
are a mystery to most men. We can’t figure them out, and they like it that way. But there are some hallmark signs that a girl likes you, and we will discuss them all. For the purposes of this discussion, we will be talking about two different kinds of women; a woman you meet on the street (casual encounter), and one you are on a date with. The reasons are these. A woman you meet on the street, in a bar, or at a club will show less subtle signs of interest than one on a date with you.

Signs To Look For During A Simply Casual Encounter

Signs-She-Is-Into-You-2Initially, we will talk about the casual encounter. Is she making eye contact with you? If she’s interested in you, she will be looking at you. She will be studying you to make sure all of your features meet her standards. This is biology 101, guys. Engrained in her DNA is the desire to find the best mate, and to nest with him. She will be transfixed on your face and body. There will be no other distractions in her world. All of her attention will be on you. If she’s not interested, she won’t be making eye contact. Next, is she smiling? This another natural reaction that is simply caused by her being happy; and it is usually hard to disguise, even if she is playing it cool. The third thing you want to pay attention to is the clincher. Does she touch you? A woman who likes you will find any excuse to just casually touch your hand, arm, or shoulder. It is a casual touch, but its meaning is anything but. A girl who touches you is sending you a clear signal that she has a desire for you. I met this girl at the Supermarket the other day who was buying bananas at the same time I was. She asked me if I could reach a bunch in the middle of the pile, and when I obliged, we started up a conversation. She was looking me right in the eye, and smiling, so right away I thought she might be into me. After about five minutes of conversation I made a joke, and she laughed and touched my forearm. I knew it was on, so I asked her out, and she accepted. It’s as easy as that.

What To Look For While On A Date

On a date, many of the same signs hold true, but they are often more attenuated. She will make eye contact with you, but she won’t be staring the entire time. That would be creepy. But generally her attention will be on you. Obviously, she won’t be smiling the entire time, either. However, an openness and willingness to smile should be present. If you can make her laugh, it might be a done deal. The rule of touching also stays the same. If she seemingly inadvertently touches your hand, it means you are doing quite well. If, on the other hand, she is not smiling, looking at you, or even unintentionally touching you, the sparks probably aren’t’ flying.

Signs-She-Is-Into-You-3Other ways of deciphering her lack of interest include her taking a call while you are talking, Texting in the middle of your conversation, or talking to someone else nearby. If you see any of these behaviors, you may want to call it a night. One time I took a girl out to a restaurant, and she wouldn’t put her phone down. Yes, this is the digital age ; and yes, I have a phone, too. But this girl was texting, taking calls, even watching videos her friend was texting to her! At first, I was trying to be cool about it, but when she starting watching the video, I just got up and left.


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