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Keep Things Exciting with Your Love or Time to Move On?

Keep-Things-Exciting-with-Your-Love-or-Time-to-Move-On-1If you’re in a long term relationship, you know that after some time passes, it is inevitable that the initial passion will start to die down and you’ll need to find new ways to fan the flame. (Some ideas at: Telegraph.co.uk) There are a lot of things you can try to reignite that old spark. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s just a fact. If you’re in need of some excitement, do what you can to get it with your love. If that doesn’t work, it might be time to consider your other options. While you probably don’t want to throw away your relationship impulsively, you will need to keep in mind that if it doesn’t work, there are always alternatives. You can read some more about signs your relationship is not working here.

Everyday Foreplay

Believe it or not, foreplay takes place long before you start making out and leading into sex. In order to keep things exciting in bed, you have to keep your life together exciting in other ways, too. This means making regular time and space in your schedule to try new things together. Take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been, take up mountain biking together, or spend a day at the amusement park going on scary rides. Studies show that couples who do these sorts of things together on a regular basis tend to have happier and more satisfying relationships.

Try New Things in the Bedroom

Keep-Things-Exciting-with-Your-Love-or-Time-to-Move-On-2If you always have sex in the same place, in the same way, it’s going to get boring for both of you. It will feel as routine as taking out the trash or brushing your teeth. This is a surefire way to extinguish the spark in your relationship. Try new positions, have sex in new places, engage in some roleplaying. If you’re both open to it, you might even want to have a threesome or go to a swinger’s party.

When the Thrill is Gone: Does Ashley Madison Work?

If you’ve tried to rekindle the passion with your love and it seems the thrill is gone for good, you might begin to wonder about finding an affair online. Does Ashley Madison work? There are a lot of online websites for people hoping to find a discreet affair, and the question of whether or not they work depends mainly on you. You can also Click Here to read a review. If you have found yourself thinking about and pondering the question, “Does Ashley Madison work?” You might want to consider signing up for multiple sites at once in order to find an affair more quickly. If you can’t make things exciting with the one you love, you may have to seek excitement elsewhere. Depending upon your preferences you might prefer to pursue a discreet affair on your own, or you may want to see if your partner wants to find someone to have an affair with both of you. If you’ve been wondering, “ Does Ashley Madison work?” chances are high that she has been, too.

Replacing Love with Casual Dating

There comes a time when the only option left is to call it quits. If you’ve done everything in your power to make things exciting again and it hasn’t worked, you might be ready to walk away and pursue casual dating. It could be that the two of you just aren’t compatible, or it could be that you’re just not the sort of guy who wants a love relationship. ( Go Here To Learn More) Either way, if you are done trying to keep love alive, casual dating might be the alternative you need in order to be sexually fulfilled. There is no shortage of attractive women online who are interested in casual sex. Not everyone is cut out for a committed relationship, and if you know that this is the case for you, cutting your ties and moving on to casual dating in order to have the sexual excitement and variety you crave is a reasonable option. While it might be hard to end a relationship, ultimately it is harder to be stuck in one that you’re not happy with. You’ll be doing yourself and the woman you break up with a favor; freeing you both to seek out what you need.


What Everyone Should Know About Swinger Parties

What-Everyone-Should-Know-About-Swinger-Parties-1Being a master swinger, people are always asking me what there is to know about swinger parties. They have endless questions, but the majority fall into five basic categories: what kind of people patronize swinger parties, how to gain entry to a swinger party, what to bring to a party, what the difference is between clubs and house parties, and how to throw their own swinger party.

The types of people who like to go to swing parties can vary quite widely. Swingers come from all professions, including doctors , actors, lawyers, accountants, construction workers, personal assistants, home makers, plumbers, and everyone in between. They practice all different religions , and represent all races. Age groups can vary, but the majority of swingers are between 21 and 55.

The next question everyone asks is, “How do I get in on that?” Well, if you are a single male, the chances are slim that you will be invited to a swinger party, though usually a select few single males will score an invitation. It would be easier for a single male to go to swinger club. It is much more simple for a Single woman to get invited to a swing party. Obviously, the guest list of a private swing party at someone’s house is subject to the host’s sole discretion, so you need to know a swinger.

What-Everyone-Should-Know-About-Swinger-Parties-2What does one bring to a swinger party? Most of the time you are not required to bring anything to these parties, but some hosts do request you bring your own alcohol. If you are a beer drinker bring beer, of you like harder stuff its perfectly acceptable to bring something harder like some Jack Daniels. I find that when I show up with even a little plate of finger food or a bottle of wine for the host, that I am even more warmly received. Anything else required for the party should be listed on the invitation.

There are two basic kinds of swinger parties: house parties and clubs. House parties are private affairs thrown at the domicile of the hosts, with their own personal guest list. A house party is also more discreet. A club, however, is much more high profile, because anyone can go. Clubs also charge a fee at the door. There is a different charge depending on who it is. The Door Charge is much higher for single males. For instance, a couple might have a cover charge of $20, while a single male could be required to pay as much as $50 or $60 at the same club on the same night. Another difference with swinger clubs is that some do not allow sexual activities on site. These clubs are called off-premises. At a private residence, swinger parties are almost always on-premises. Depending on how many friends the host has, a private swinger party tends to have less people to select from. This is an area in which the clubs excel. Far more people go to swing clubs, so there are a lot more partners to chose from.

How To Host A swingers Party

So how do you host a swinger party, you ask? Well, first you need to set the event far enough in the future that you give people time to plan for it. If you already know some swinger couples, you can invite them. If you would like to invite people you don’t know, you can post your party at swinging websites, and promote them there. Make sure your home and property are neat and clean. If you have a pool or spa, confirm that they are in working order, and serviced. Decide which rooms of the house will be used for social areas, open areas, and private ones. Put fresh sheets on the beds that will be used for play. If you are supplying toiletries for the guests, be sure to have plenty of clean towels, condoms, and lube. If you don’t want to furnish these items for your guests, then note that on the party invitation beforehand. In case of smokers, you may want to designate the patio or garage for those activities. Affirm that you have enough parking for your party goers. If you have children, make sure they stay at a friends house for the night. Pet owners should sequester their pets away from party goers. For entertainment, I’d suggest a stripper pole, or some adult games, and of course, great music. I have found electronic music such as swedish house mafia, sets the moody really well.

What-Everyone-Should-Know-About-Swinger-Parties-3This blog post has featured the most common questions I receive on a regular basis. Anyone thinking about attending or through a swingers party should do there research. There is plenty more to learn that what was listed above. Check back to this site for more information on swinging, and becoming a swinger. Until then; play safe out there!


The 411 On Texting Girls

The-411-On-Texting-Girls-1Do you have a friend who’s always texting at the club? He won’t put down his cell phone, and he becomes pretty boring to hang out with. You are trying to meet actual physical women in the bar, and he can’t stop texting the ones he has. How can he help you meet chicks when he has his face buried in his phone? It is impressive that he can have 6 different texting conversations going at the same time. Don’t be too hard on him, because he is using texting to his advantage. Although some of the time he’ll strike out, he may just get one or two of them to go straight from texting to the top prize; and it is a hell of a lot easier than picking a woman up in a bar. Texting has a myriad of qualities that aid in dating, but also some pitfalls to avoid.

How many girls can you talk to in the club at the same time? Even if you had 6 girls in a circle in the hottest club in South beach , you wouldn’t be able to divide your attention equally among them. Some would always feel left out, and others would get jealous of attention your spending on someone other than them. But when you are texting, each girl thinks you are having a conversation with just them. Texts can even be sent to a girl when you are on a date with another girl! I wouldn’t suggest texting when you are with a girl, though. First, she may take it as a sign of disinterest; but more importantly, a bush in the hand is worth two birds in the wild.

Some advantages With Texting

Texts are also extremely convenient. They can be sent from any location at any time. Places where you wouldn’t think of using your phone, you can text without disturbing anyone. For example, the library is a place where you are not supposed to take cell phone calls, but if you turn the sound of your phone off, you can text to girls all day long. You might be at a Maroon 5 concert, or at work. The very nature of texting makes it so you can reply once every couple of hours; the conversation just keeps going. Thus it doesn’t interfere with what you are doing.

The-411-On-Texting-Girls-2Another big advantage of texting is that you have much more time to think of the perfect thing to say. Have you ever been in the heat of the moment, and you can’t think of the right thing to say? Then a little while later you think of the most awesome response, but it is too late. This is not the case with texting. You can answer on a whim, or you can take your time to craft an impeccable response.

Some disadvantages With Texting

Texting also has its share of disadvantages that must be allowed for. First, there is no tone. Just like the letters of old, the person reading the message puts her own tone into the text. If you happen to catch her on a bad day, she might interpret the message differently than if she were in a great mood. Furthermore, the lack of tone makes it difficult to make a joke, so try to just stick to the facts. Any who who has tried to relay Sarcasm via text knows exactly what I am taking about.

The-411-On-Texting-Girls-3Another potential problem with texting is that it is so unpredictable. You may be sending texts back and forth in regular time periods, but then they stop. Maybe she fell asleep. Maybe she’s driving(word of advice never text and drive !). Maybe she is back at work; or maybe she didn’t like what you texted last. You may never know, so try not to obsess about why her texts are no longer coming at regular intervals. As long as you keep these caveats in mind when you text, you should be able to fully utilize this new tool to its full advantage in the dating world.


Signs She Is Into You

Signs-She-Is-Into-You-1Do you ever wonder whether a girl is into you or not? Let’s face it; Woman
are a mystery to most men. We can’t figure them out, and they like it that way. But there are some hallmark signs that a girl likes you, and we will discuss them all. For the purposes of this discussion, we will be talking about two different kinds of women; a woman you meet on the street (casual encounter), and one you are on a date with. The reasons are these. A woman you meet on the street, in a bar, or at a club will show less subtle signs of interest than one on a date with you.

Signs To Look For During A Simply Casual Encounter

Signs-She-Is-Into-You-2Initially, we will talk about the casual encounter. Is she making eye contact with you? If she’s interested in you, she will be looking at you. She will be studying you to make sure all of your features meet her standards. This is biology 101, guys. Engrained in her DNA is the desire to find the best mate, and to nest with him. She will be transfixed on your face and body. There will be no other distractions in her world. All of her attention will be on you. If she’s not interested, she won’t be making eye contact. Next, is she smiling? This another natural reaction that is simply caused by her being happy; and it is usually hard to disguise, even if she is playing it cool. The third thing you want to pay attention to is the clincher. Does she touch you? A woman who likes you will find any excuse to just casually touch your hand, arm, or shoulder. It is a casual touch, but its meaning is anything but. A girl who touches you is sending you a clear signal that she has a desire for you. I met this girl at the Supermarket the other day who was buying bananas at the same time I was. She asked me if I could reach a bunch in the middle of the pile, and when I obliged, we started up a conversation. She was looking me right in the eye, and smiling, so right away I thought she might be into me. After about five minutes of conversation I made a joke, and she laughed and touched my forearm. I knew it was on, so I asked her out, and she accepted. It’s as easy as that.

What To Look For While On A Date

On a date, many of the same signs hold true, but they are often more attenuated. She will make eye contact with you, but she won’t be staring the entire time. That would be creepy. But generally her attention will be on you. Obviously, she won’t be smiling the entire time, either. However, an openness and willingness to smile should be present. If you can make her laugh, it might be a done deal. The rule of touching also stays the same. If she seemingly inadvertently touches your hand, it means you are doing quite well. If, on the other hand, she is not smiling, looking at you, or even unintentionally touching you, the sparks probably aren’t’ flying.

Signs-She-Is-Into-You-3Other ways of deciphering her lack of interest include her taking a call while you are talking, Texting in the middle of your conversation, or talking to someone else nearby. If you see any of these behaviors, you may want to call it a night. One time I took a girl out to a restaurant, and she wouldn’t put her phone down. Yes, this is the digital age ; and yes, I have a phone, too. But this girl was texting, taking calls, even watching videos her friend was texting to her! At first, I was trying to be cool about it, but when she starting watching the video, I just got up and left.


Is Staying Friends With An Ex A Recipe For Disaster

Is-Staying-Friends-With-An-Ex-A-Recipe-For-Disaster-1As guys, we always wonder whether it is better to try to remain friends with a girl after we break up or not. Most times you just want a clean break. But in some cases you were friends with the girl before you started dating, only to find out that you didn’t click like you thought you would when you got intimate. Maybe it was mechanical; maybe there was no passion. Whatever the reason, you learn that a friendship is all you will have with this girl. So now what? It’s best to let her down easy, and tell her you’ll always be friends. Just how good of friends will depend on a few factors.

When you want to get involved with a new woman, you need to ask yourself how important your ex’s friendship is to you. Your new girlfriend will most likely be jealous of any woman you are friendly with. It is possible that she may ask you to disregard any friendships with girls. You don’t want to acquiesce to these demands, however. If you do, your new girl may not respect you. Plus, how can you respect yourself if you don’t stand up for your friends? Furthermore, you may have to use it as a bargaining chip later on. For instance, I’ll stop talking to the ex if you…

Is-Staying-Friends-With-An-Ex-A-Recipe-For-Disaster-2If your ex is a really good friend, that’s where you can run into trouble. If you drop everything you are doing to go help your friend, your new girlfriend isn’t going to be happy about it. The more you help your ex, the more your current girlfriend will think you still have feelings for your ex. The other way you can experience problems is if your ex girlfriend is still attracted to you. If she still wants you, she may do things to undermine your current relationship. She’ll “need” you at inconvenient times, and repeatedly. She may even make up rumors about your current girlfriend in order to cast doubt on your relationship. When you quarrel with your girlfriend, your ex will be there to console you. She might try to make a move on you while you are in a vulnerable mood. If she succeeds, that will make it even more difficult to continue with your girlfriend. Even if she doesn’t get you back into bed with her, she can still shine a light on doubts of your current relationship.

I once had a girlfriend named Susan who grew up in New York City . We went out for about a year, and then we broke up. I don’t even remember why we broke up , but it wasn’t mutual. I think I was getting nervous about her getting too close. She convinced me that we should stay friends. Because I felt bad about breaking up with her, I agreed. A couple of months later I started going out with another chick. When my ex found out about it, a bunch of things starting breaking in her house. She would always call me to come fix her sink, or jump start her car, or something. My new girlfriend started to get jealous, and make rude comments to me about helping my ex. That made us get into fights, and on one such occasion, I went to my Ex girlfriend’s house. You can guess what happened next. When my new girlfriend learned of it, of course we were over.

All in all, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay friends with an ex girlfriend, if you want a new relationship to flourish. However, I would advise keeping the numbers of old girlfriends. When you break up with your next girlfriend, it might make you feel better to visit one of them.


How To Break Up With A Girl Friend

The art of the breakup is an old one. The breakup is a lexicon in its own right. Songs are written about it, movies are filmed around it, (one of my favorite being The Break Up) and endless novels have been authored on the subject. From the dawn of man’s time on this earth, people have been getting together and breaking up. Just as Charles Darwin proved survival of the fittest and evolution, guys who are bad at breaking up will not thrive in the world of dating until they adapt by learning the art of breaking up. Here are some tips to help you evolve into a dating machine, who is an expert at the practice of the breakup.

Break Up Tip #1

How-To-Break-Up-With-A-Girl-Friend-1The easiest way to break up with a girl is to stop talking to her. Do not call her, and do not take her calls. Do not text or email or Facebook or Twitter her. Stop any contact with her, electronic or otherwise. If she can’t communicate with you, how can she be dating you? The biggest advantage is of course the ease with which this technique is implemented, and the low amount of risk associated with it. The disadvantage is that she may stop by to see if you are still alive, and then you have a face to face confrontation, which is what you were trying to avoid. If you do not want to cut her off abruptly, you can merely give her the cold shoulder. Take less of her calls. Do not respond to texts as quickly. Stop liking and commenting on her posts on Facebook. You can use the extra time you have to your benefit by spending it with your guy friends. The advantage here is that she will eventually become frustrated with the lack of interest on your part and initiate the breakup herself. The disadvantage is that this method will take much longer to achieve your goal.

Break Up Tip #2

How-To-Break-Up-With-A-Girl-Friend-2The second way to easily break up with a girl is to cheat on her. I know this sounds a little harsh, but it is extremely effective. You may get to avoid the face to face conversation. Advantages here are how well it works, and the fact that you get some extra action. Disadvantages range from her trashing your car to her spending your money, maxing your credit cards and divulging any secrets she may keep. I would not advise using this tip unless all other ways I mention in this blog post have been tried unsuccessfully.

Break Up Tip #3

How-To-Break-Up-With-A-Girl-Friend-3The last, and really best mode of breaking up with some one is to just say it. Yes, it can be an extremely awkward moment to have that face to face conversation, and yes it will be uncomfortable. But it is the most Mature Adult way to end it with a girl. Just grow some balls and do it. Advantages are that you will eventually feel better about yourself because you handled it like a man, rather than a loser. Possible disadvantages include the distinct possibility that it will get ugly if you are too hard. Things might start getting broken, or she may kick you in the shin, or a more painful area. If you are too soft in your approach, she may not get the message, and try harder to work on the relationship. At first this might be good if she is doing more stuff for you, and letting you hang out with your friends. But you should know that ultimately you will be right back where you started, searching for a course of action to break up with her.

The fear of breaking up with some one can lead to a plethora of wasted days in a relationship that has run its course. Learning and perfecting the art of the breakup can end this cycle of dissatisfaction and get you on your way to thriving in the vast world of dating. Use any of these techniques, and you will be the master of your domain.